Real Estate Investor Mastermind Event

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Join us Wednesday, March 27th for a unique real estate event in Edmonton. Our Real Estate Mastermind Events are designed to create a constructive environment for real estate investment discussions, combined with valuable presentations and excellent networking opportunities. Our Topics for March will be:

Valuable & Creative - Real Estate Lessons Learned

Our first presentation will include real-life stories of investors and some of the creative ways they have worked with their properties over the years. This will be a panel discussion with multiple local experts discussing several concepts, including:

• How challenging real estate projects turned into massive opportunities;

• Stories of accelerated growth and profitability, through small shifts in focus and thinking;

• How raising capital can change the game instantly;

• Using untapped equity to multiply your portfolio (quickly);

• Joint Venture Nightmares (and ones that went well too!);

• And more!

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