David MarchandDavid Marchand


David Marchand is a very curious person who loves to know what makes things tick. When he enrolled in the Business Program at MacEwan University, David assessed his classes based on his preferences and his skill set. He graduated in 2016 with a B.Comm and a major in accounting.

David brings his curiosity and his talent for problem-solving to Colby•Steckly. “A client’s process may or may not be on track,” said David. “I’m always on the lookout for paths that lead me to the source of the issue.”

Unlike many people, David thrives on daily routines. “Mastery of formulas and procedures is what I’m after. A consistent routine provides me with that opportunity.” David also likes learning something new every day – a common occurrence at Colby•Steckly where each day is different and the client base is very diverse.

An Accounting Technician, David is enjoying the close-knit team who provide plenty of support. “It’s very welcoming here. Work feels like fun!”

Away from work and depending on the season, you’ll find David either ice skating or golfing. Family camping is another favorite. With a varied group of friends, he enjoys being super social when the occasion arises. He also values his “alone” time.