Kathrine Hipperson


The cheerful, friendly voice you hear when you first call Colby·Steckly is that of Kathrine Hipperson. When she was enrolled in the Administrative Professional Certification program at Bow Valley College, she dreamed of working for an accounting firm. Now at Colby·Steckly with certificate in hand, that dream has come true.

Kathrine is a people-person who enjoys helping others. “As the Administrative Assistant, I have the opportunity to make a good, first impression with the businesses and individuals who seek our help. That’s really important to me.”

Her administrative role requires her to be organized, responsible, patient, and respectful – all attributes she has put to good use throughout her career. Adapting to frequent changes such as government rules and regulations provides Kathrine with chances to learn every day. Her efforts are fully supported by Ida , Jen and Candy, the firm’s partners. “They spend time and energy making sure I have what I need to succeed.”

A busy mom of a young son, Kathrine loves spending time with family and friends. Couch time with a good movie is her favorite way to relax.

Contact Details

780 461 0052