Jennifer StecklyJennifer Steckly


Why Accounting?
Being the child of two entrepreneurs makes for some interesting chores and even more interesting dinner conversation.  The puzzle of figuring out what makes a business work or not work is what I live for. The CA program was a great way for me to educate myself more deeply on the financial end of business, and use this information to help grow our local economy. What does that look like in my day to day work?  I use my problem-solving skills combined with my financial expertise to help my clients understand their business’ financial health and use that information to make decisions that grow the bottom line.

Why Colby Steckly?
Business owners need more than “please pay x in tax to the government, sign here and pay your bill on the way out”, business owners need real-time financial support and insights to keep the financial pillar of the business strong. I needed an environment where I could interact with my clients regularly and be a part of their team. This lead me and my business partner to break out on our own and re-imagine what an accounting firm looks like. I could not be happier with the results!

What do I do for fun?
For fun, I love to go to the park with my puppies Chuck and Mila, play a little golf (if that is what you can call what I do ha ha), drink a little wine and go to spin classes although not necessarily in that order.